Street Team
Tour Dates
Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3
New York, NY, US
Towne Crier
Beacon, NY, US
Seven Steps Up
Spring Lake, MI, US
Uncommon Ground - Lakeview
Chicago, IL, US
Private House Concert
Wilmington, DE, US
The Garage
Charlottesville, VA, US
WDVX Blue Plate Special
Knoxville, TN, US
Cabana Taps
Nashville, TN, US
Eddie Owen Presents at Red Clay Music Foundry
Duluth, GA, US
Hangar Theatre
Ithaca, NY, US
Universal Preservation Hall
Saratoga Springs, NY, US
City Winery Boston
Boston, MA, US
Wall St. Theater
Norwalk, CT, US
Daryl's House
Pawling, NY, US
The Paramount
Huntington, NY, US
Sony Hall
New York, NY, US
Sellersville Theater 1894
Sellersville, PA, US
Alexandria, VA, US
Frequently Asked Questions

The Street Team is compiled of fans who want to go above and beyond in spreading the word about Rachael's gigs, album releases, and any big news regarding her music. With hundreds of worldwide members and counting, we rely on the Street Team's word-of-mouth prowesspromotional zeal and collective chutzpah to continually build Rachael's fanbase - and help keep her career moving forward.


Street Team FAQ:

How do I sign up?

How will I know when Rachael’s playing in my city?

As a Street Team member, what’s expected of me?

What are the tools for?

I really dig Rachael’s music but… what’s in it for me?

Are there other ways to promote Rachael besides Street Team?


How do I sign up?

First, sign up for the general mailing list. You’ll get a newsletter about once a month packed full of exciting news and opportunities. When you fill out the form for that click the “street team” box, and in the notes section please include which cities near you that you would be willing to work as well. If you’re already on the mailing list but want to take your involvement to the next level just e-mail streetteam@mpressrecords.com and let us know! Please include your name, address, and any social media sites you’d like us to know about.


How will I know when Rachael’s playing in my city?

You can always check www.rachaelsage.com/shows for the latest tour dates, but we make sure to e-mail each of the street teamers personally 1 – 2 months before Rachael’s scheduled to perform in your town and ask if you’re available to promote her gig.


As a Street Team member, what’s expected of me?

There are many ways you can help, and no obligation whatsoever. There are several levels of participation you can choose from based on your availability.

Street Promotion:

  • Posting flyers around town prior to Rachael’s gig to promote the show as well as the current release.

Online Promotion:

  • Posting events and ecards on facebook/twitter/instagram/social network of choice
  • Review or interview Rachael for your blog
  • Comment on blog posts featuring Rachael
  • Write a review of an album on sales outlets such as itunes and amazon.com

If you end up just too swamped with life at the time Rachael reaches your city, don’t sweat it. We understand. At least you’ll know when she’ll be playing so you can mark your calendar and escape the mishugas (craziness) for a night!


What are the tools for?

The tools are what you can use to help promote Rachael.

The ecards are great for posting on your facebook wall or to instagram, and if you have a blog stick a banner up there to share one of your favorite artists with your readers! You can either link to the posters online or print them out to post around town… or in your bedroom. ;)


What are missions?

Missions are special requests we ask of the Street Team.

Example: When a record is released we take it to radio and ask fans to call in to their favorite radio stations and request their favorite songs. You can visit the radio page to see all the stations by state that have received Rachael’s latest release (currently “Choreographic”).


What’s in it for me?

Oh… a lot! In return for your mitzvot (good deeds) we’ll send you a complimentary Rachael Sage t-shirt and other fun tchatchkes such as stickers, pens, pins, etc. Also, if you do street promotion for a gig take pictures of the places you post around town and send them to streetteam@mpressrecords.com -- we’ll immediately put you on the top of the VIP list for the show!


Are there other ways to promote Rachael other than Street Team?

Absolutely. Short answer: Tell a friend! You can also…

  1. Follow Rachael on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter! Rachael is very active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, sharing photos, videos, articles, tour dates and even just chatting with friends. We would love for you to become a part of our Facebook community by liking Rachael's page, following Rachael on instagram, or join in our twitter conversations. That way, you can stay up to date with everything that is going on! And it's an easy way to share Rachael's news with your friends!
  2. Host a house concert! A house concert is basically a concert you produce in your home. This is a great way to introduce Rachael's music to new listeners; these shows are always so meaningful and fun, because her fans are intimately involved in presenting them! For more info on how to host a house concert and what it's all about, visit Rachael’s Fanswell Page, which will guide you through how to book your own show! Once you feel you've learned enough to really get involved, you can book directly via Fanswell.com or if you prefer, you can contact Rachael's booking agency directly with your vision for the event – as well as an estimated number of attendees – and we'll do our best to make it happen!
  3. Check to make sure Rachael's CDs are stocked at your local record storeThis is a great way to help — and since we're a small label, there's no way we can collect this information as expertly as you can. Plus, if her albums are not in stock, you can always ask them to order at least one of them at the counter. This shows the store that Rachael not only has fans in the area, but that they are supporting her at retail, which adds to the local buzz and keeps our CD distributor very happy!
  4. Request Rachael on the radio! One of the very best ways to support Rachael is to request her music on your local radio station! radio page.